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JOSEPH HARRY WHEATER | American 1885-1959 | Biography | View Details Below


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The Old Boston Aquarium (Truth or Myth)

ARTIST: Joseph Harry Wheater

GALLERY: Nicki Solomon Fine Art

CATEGORY: Paintings

MATERIALS: Watercolor, Frame is a period frame. Newspaper found inside dated before 1906.

Signed lower right: J. H. W. Can be seen below lip of frame.

site: h: 7.25" x w: 9" / Gold leaf in an original period frame: 14.5" x 16"

SUBJECT: Truth or myth: The Old Boston Aquarium in South Boston near Farragut Rd. and the beach.  It was torn down in the late 50's, early 60's to make way for an MDC (Metropolitian District Commission) ice skating rink.

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