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Richard Ranft

Richard Ranft received his introductory art classes from Gustave Courbet near Vevey, Switzerland, where Courbet had been exiled after the events of the Paris Commune. After this initial artistic activity in his native Switzerland however, Ranft mainly worked and lived in Paris.

Ranft started his painting career with meticulous study of landscapes and the human figure. This served him will in his ensuing interest in printmaking. His prints mainly reflect an enthusiasm for Parisian elegance and entertainment. However, he does not shy away from the life of the lower class and even shows signs of symbolist interest, having exhibited at the 1892 Salon de la Rose-Croix.

Finally, some of his prints are interpretations of paintings by Fragonard, Watteau, Gainesborough, Turner and others. Most of his graphic œuvre was produced circa 1900, printed in small editions of 25 or 50 by the Delâtre workshop and published by Edmund Sagot.

From: Janine Bailly-Herzberg:
Dictionnaire de l’Estampe en France 1830-1950

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